First Visit

Where to Park: Park close to the field on the west side of the church. The closer you are to the ball field, the closer you are to the main entrances to the Sanctuary.

Where to Enter: The main entrances to the Sanctuary are accessible from the North and South parking lots under the covered walkways on the west side of the main building.

What to Wear: We encourage you to wear whatever you are comfortable wearing as you come to worship Jesus. Some people are quite comfortable in jeans and t-shirts, while others aren't comfortable unless they are wearing a coat or dress. Regardless of how you dress, you will be welcomed and encouraged in your faith.

When to Arrive: Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:45 AM, so it is always a good idea to show up at about 10:30 AM. This way, you can get a child to the nursery, if need be, or find a spot and yet have plenty of time to meet other people who are joining us for worship.

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