Pastoral Counseling

Our pastors are available to provide Biblical counsel and pastoral insight into your life, relationships, and struggles. They serve as listening ears, sounding boards, and insightful guides as your needs dictate. Counseling sessions are discrete and confidential within the limits of State and Federal Laws.
Types of Counseling Provided

Premarital Counseling - We offer premarital counseling for members of Eagle Mountain Baptist Church, and for non-members who have engaged one of our pastors for a wedding service. Premarital counseling generally consists of three sessions, the first of which should be no less than one month before the wedding date. There will be outside study and discussions by the couple in preparation for the second session. The third session should be no less than one week prior to the wedding date.

Marital Counseling - Our pastors stand by ready to help couples with communication issues, guidance in understanding God's design for marriage and how best to glorify Him through your marriage, and any other issues for which you might need guidance.

Personal Counseling - It can often be comforting to speak to a pastor about a decision or difficult time you are experiencing. Items related to work, family issues, personal struggles, or questions about Scripture or theology can all be brought to a pastor who will strive to assist you with Biblical insight and encouragement.

Pastoral Visit - Our pastors are available to visit at your home if you are homebound and require pastoral guidance or encouragement.


To request Pastoral Counseling, please fill out the following form:

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Counseling Sought 


Alternatively, you may call the church office at 817-237-4135 or send an e-mail to to set up a time to meet with a pastor.

Disclaimer: Our pastors are not licensed professional counselors. They offer pastoral counsel from a Biblical viewpoint. Please consider whether you believe your situation could be helped by speaking with a pastor, or if it requires a licenced psychologist or counselor. You may contact the church office at 817-237-4135, or, to inquire about locating a professional Christian counselor.

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