Art Courses

Children ages 4-5 will remain in a structured Preschool class, where they will receive a survey of different arts - a new one each night.

We anticipate offering the following art courses for children ages 6-12, and hope to add more! They will be finalized by the beginning of registration on July 1. If you know an art form and would like to teach it, then please fill out our Volunteer Registration form. If you know someone who might like to teach a class, please share this information with them or contact the church at with their information, and we will reach out to them.

Courses in Performing Arts

Acting - children will learn the details of blocking, stage movement, speaking for the stage, and performing as a character.

Diabolo - a form of juggling descended from the Chinese yo-yo. It consists of manipulating the diabolo (made up of two cups connected by an axle) on a string that is attached to two sticks. Children will learn how to spin and control the diabolo on the string, as well as a few basic tricks.

Magic - receive a set of magic tricks and instruction not only on how to perform them, but how to sell the mystery in a dramatic way.

Puppetry - bring a hand puppet to life by learning the proper way to hold and move a puppet character. We will learn how to perform behind a stage and how to work a puppet without a stage.

Yo-Yo - get your yo-yo yoing and never stop! Learn the proper way to cast and retrieve a yo-yo, followed by some basic tricks that will be sure to impress.

Courses in Visual Arts

Balloon Twisting - learn how to safely twist and tie balloons to make fun and spectacular shapes like animals, flowers, swords, and more.

Card Design - design and create your own, unique greeting cards that you can share with family and friends.

Carpentry - children will learn how to draft a design, transfer it to lumber, and then to assemble the final product. For safety purposes, cuts will be made by an adult. This year's project will be a box with hinged lid.

Creative Lettering - add pizzazz to signs, cards, and boards when you learn how to craft artistic hand-drawn letters.

Origami - the ancient art of paper folding. Children will learn the basic folds and how to create some introductory paper sculptures.

Painting - children will begin with a sketch and end with a work of art as they learn different techniques and the various steps along the way.

Sculpture - take a lump of clay and learn the basic techniques that will help you mold it into a work of art!

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