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  • Why an Arts Camp? Often, when you hear the word "art," you think of drawing or painting; but there are many more ARTS than visual art. We are artists, drawn in life to create, in response to the creative work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

  • What is the meaning behind this year's theme? Our theme for 2018 is "The Show Must Go On." Like many things in life, there are different meanings behind this theme.

First, it is a reminder for how we need to keep going in life even when we face trials or set-backs. Just as in learning a new skill or art, the show must go on when it gets difficult.

Second, we recognize that the show must go on in the next generation. We have art skills that we want to pass down, but more important is the message about Jesus Christ that we want to share so that it will continue in our families and community.

  • What is the camp Bible verse? The camp verse this year is Psalm 78:6, "So the next generation might know... and they in turn will teach their children."

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