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  • Why an Arts Camp?

Several years ago, our Children's Ministry leadership felt the need to go in a new direction to connect with children in our community. However, we weren't sure which direction to go, or if anyone would support our trying something new.

Finally, we settled on a Performing Arts Camp in 2015 because Pastor David has some juggling skills and suggested that, no matter what, he could at least teach juggling even if he was the only teacher.

Fortunately, we were able to offer many more classes than juggling (many of which have outlasted juggling), and we had an overwhelming response from our community!

In 2017, we broadened the camp to include visual arts as well, and are excited that this little experiment is working!


  • What is the meaning behind this year's theme?

Our theme for 2019 is "Made for This." Like many things in life, there are different meanings behind this theme:

First, it is a current way of saying, "I'm ready," and we want children to know they were made to make art and to have an attitude of "I am made for this" when it comes to Arts Camp this year.

Second, and more importantly, we are made for knowing and worshiping God through His son, Jesus. We are made by Him and for Him. We want to share with the children that they are made by their Heavenly Father for great things.


  • What is a night at Arts Camp like?

Arts Camp is broken up into three rotations book ended by opening and closing ceremonies.

During the three rotations, children will go to two of the arts classes selected from the four requests they submit.

These classes are progressive throughout the week, so children will stay in the same classes all four nights.

The third rotation is reserved for the Bible lesson. Each night, we will take a look at a different aspect of our theme and be introduced to people and events from the Bible whose stories illustrate that theme.

The final night of Arts Camp is our Celebration Night, when the children have the opportunity to Showcase what they have learned over the week.


  • What is the camp Bible verse?

The camp verse this year is the NLT of Isaiah 43:7, "I have made them for my glory; it was I who created them."

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